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Photo by Alon Ron.

Bedouin make do without shelters under West Bank skies

This article originally appeared in Haaretz – July 17, 2014 [Photo by Alon Ron]

By Amira Hass

Like the Negev Bedouin, it seems that the Bedouin east of Jerusalem are also in range of Hamas’ rockets and missiles, and they are also without shelters. The rocket that reached Jerusalem on July 8, shortly after a siren sounded, landed near the Bedouin encampment of Abu Falah in Khan al-Ahmar (near Mishor Adumim). A piece of the rocket landed 25 meters away from one of the caravan homes, creating a cloud of dust and smoke. No one was hurt, but shrapnel did damage one of the caravans. Some of the children there who witnessed the blast have reportedly had trouble sleeping since.

Article continued on Haaretz.com

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