Tuesday , April 24 2018
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Bedouin villages under threat of demolition

Around 180 people in the villages face losing their homes if Israel’s Supreme Court decides that the army can evict them for squatting.

Al Khan al Ahmar is a valley between Jerusalem and Jericho, and home to several thousand Bedouin.

Like most Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, they live under Israeli civilian and military rule.

Israelis accuse the Bedouin of squatting illegally despite living in the area for generations, and before Israel occupied their lands.

The valley is part of what Israel calls Area C of the West Bank, and settlers want it to be annexed to Israel.

TRT World’s  Iolo ap Dafydd reports on the legal battle the Bedouin are waging to preserve their homes and their lifestyles.

Source: https://www.trtworld.com/middle-east/bedouin-villages-under-threat-of-demolition-16577

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