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Israel’s Relentless Land Grabs: How Palestinians Resist

Overview It has been 42 years since the Israeli police shot and killed six Palestinian citizens of Israel as they protested the expropriation of thousands of dunums of Palestinian land by the government. The protests were a result of mass collective action across the part of Mandate Palestine that became …

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Say no to forcible transfer of Palestinians! Join the movement

It’s happening right now, every day: Israel is trying to displace thousands of Palestinians who live in farming-shepherding communities throughout the West Bank. They face imminent expulsion and are subject to abuse, violence and dispossession. It is a crime to transfer the protected residents of an occupied territory from their …

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Bedouin revert to nomadic lifestyle for camel birthing season

Men leave modern life behind and bring sons and hundreds of camels to area near Kibbutz Kalya by the Dead Sea to continue ancient traditions By ODED BALILTY 18 March 2018, 2:47 pm Bedouin camel herder Ali Zarlul and his son Majed lead their camels close to Kibbutz Kalya, by the …

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Unwanted by Israel and the PA, Bedouin have nowhere to go but ‘up in the air’

The Jahalin clan’s central West Bank village is about to be demolished by security forces, and its residents are caught in the power struggle between Jerusalem and Ramallah By JACOB MAGID  KHAN AL-AHMAR, West Bank — Over the past decade, Eid Abu Khamis has trotted the globe in an effort to …

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Sumoud – YouTube

Sumoud is a documentary film produced by Al-Haq, which captures the reality of Israel’s creation of coercive environments in Al-Hadidiya, in the northern Jordan Valley. The film tells the story of a family from Al-Hadidiya and their experience with Israel’s discriminatory policy of administrative house demolitions. It focuses on the …

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Adalah Files Contempt of Court Motion against Israeli Authorities for Failing to Bus Bedouin Preschoolers

Preschool children in the Naqab Bedouin village of Al-Sira prepare to board a school bus during the brief period between March and June 2017 when the Education Ministry provided school transportation. (Photo by Khalil Al-Amor) Israeli authorities have twice violated a court decision to provide school buses for 3- and …

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The handsome Jew riding through the West Bank

Jewish colonialism is racing forward, self-confident, full of tools and tricks; its ability to repress and dispossess others knows no limits; and there is no responsible adult to say, ‘enough, no more.’ Amira Hass    In the beginning another Jewish family arrives with a herd and a mobile home and …

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