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Sheep in the northern Jordan ValleyCredit: Tomer Appelbaum

The handsome Jew riding through the West Bank

Jewish colonialism is racing forward, self-confident, full of tools and tricks; its ability to repress and dispossess others knows no limits; and there is no responsible adult to say, ‘enough, no more.’


In the beginning another Jewish family arrives with a herd and a mobile home and a water tank that settles down between the hill and the valley. It’s too beautiful for words. Fellow Jews from the area come to help and the cows or sheep go out to graze. We’re righteous and up to date, and go for free-range milk and meat.

Or, in journalistic jargon, last Wednesday unknown people set up another unauthorized outpost in the northern Jordan Valley, at the site of an army camp that was abandoned four years ago. It joins five other outposts in the area that the Civil Administration supposedly has not approved. One of them, Givat Sal’it, is in an accelerated process of being laundered. Two have been set up in the past 18 months. The Civil Administration has issued stop-work orders against them but isn’t hurrying to implement them, so meanwhile they are flourishing; they’re getting water, planting and paving an access road.

Read more: https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-the-handsome-jew-riding-through-the-west-bank-1.5850394


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