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Disappearing Palestine

From 1947 to 2021, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been forcibly removed from their homes, now refugees in their own land.

Palestinians today live under restricted freedoms, constant threats of settler violence, and the colonization of what little remains.

Jahalin Solidarity is a Palestinian & Israeli organization working to protect Palestinian rights, support Palestinian self-determination, and sustainably increase mutual peace and understanding.

Jahalin Solidarity's mission is to work towards recognition of the full rights of civil society for all Palestinians, while working in solidarity to prevent forcible displacement through effective public and legal advocacy.

Since 1949 Israeli Authorities have enacted a campaign of forced evacuation and relocation against the Bedouin.

An elder of Al Ram stands in front of the separation wall

Israeli settlement access roads



Jahalin supports on-the-ground projects making a real difference in the everyday lives of Palestinians living under occupation.

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High Hopes

In 1997-1998, many Bedouin Palestinian refugees living under Israeli Occupation were forcibly displaced by Israel to a garbage dump. During that entire period, the Oslo Peace Process was ongoing, with 'high hopes' for peace; similarly, recent peace talks took place while a plan exists to forcibly displace many Bedouin from Jerusalem and Ramallah governorates to a site accommodating up to 12,500 Bedouin.

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