Thursday , September 23 2021

Article in Mondoweiss

May 2012

Nowhere to go — Jahalin Bedouin homes slated for destruction outside Jerusalem

“This must-see video chronicles the continued displacement of the Jahalin Bedouin community. The Palestinian-Bedouin communities live in the hills to the east of Jerusalem and have been forcibly evicted time and again. The community was issued eight eviction orders by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) last Sunday May 6th and was scheduled to be evicted today. This morning, 20 minutes before the demolition order was to go into effect, they got a notice of delay from the court. This is a temporary injunction preventing the demolition of homes.

This ethnic displacement is part of a larger plan to relocate Bedouin communities living in Area C. According to the film, there are 27,ooo Palestinian-Bedouin in area C, all scheduled for displacement. ”

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