Wednesday , September 22 2021

A letter from the community

بسم الله الرحمن الرجيم


President Mahmoud Abbas;
Prime Minister Salam Fayyad;

The Minister of Education, Mrs. Lamis al-Alami

The Governor of Jerusalem, Mr. Adnan Husseini

Members of the diplomatic communities in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Tel Aviv and foreign capitals,

(especially those who have supported our work with financial donations);

The European Union;


Members of foreign parliaments, including at ministerial level;
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organisations;

The Quartet;

Members of civil society

And all those who have expressed solidarity with us by their visits and ongoing support


Subject: The Plan of Removing Bedouin Communities From Jerusalem Area and Closing Al Khan al Ahmar School.


     According to the subject that mentioned above , and according to the continuous Israel plans that aim to remove the Bedouin communities outside Jerusalem area.  In order to make Jerusalem a Jewish area without any Palestinian person and to get out all the Palestinian people from Jerusalem and all places surrounding it.

These plans started some years ago by giving orders to destroy all buildings that serve Bedouin communities.  We would like to update you on recent developments about this subject, particularly the growing threat from both the Israeli authorities and the settler community.

We were recently presented with a decision of closing Al Khan al Ahmar school and not allowing the new semester to start.  In addition civil administration employees informed us when they visited Al Khan al Ahmar community in 13/08/2012 two things. First : The Israeli Administration is not going to let the school work  or open in the new semester that starts in 2/9/2012. Second, that we have to choose an alternative place to live. They brought a map suggesting two places to move to.  One of them is located near ” Ain Aldyook” , the other is near ” Alnwaemiah Bedouin “, both in the Jericho area close to Area A. The  civil administration has recently visited the Bedouin communities several times. During one visit on August 2012 they informed us about the relocation plan, and they told us many times that we have no choice but to leave the area as part of a large plan to resettle the Bedouin who live in Area C.

Al Khan al Ahmar school is considered an important and basic element offering all educational services to the area and an important element supporting the Bedouin communities. The school now includes 95 students from grade 1 to grade 7 and serves five Bedouin communities.  Since establishing the school in 2009 the school has offered a safe educational environment to our children. Now there is no need for our children to go to schools in Jericho city by crossing the main highway ( road no 1) which is considered a very dangerous road. Five students were killed on this road and four became disabled as a result of crossing over this street.

We suffer from regular attacks by the Israeli settlers who lately destroyed and damaged the pipe which supplies us with water; they have also attacked shepherds and livestock, and arrested children.

Despite the Israeli decision to close the school , the new semester has started as usual, but we are still afraid that the Israeli authorities will close the school at any moment. This is causing a pressure on families that may leave the area to find another one which offer the education for their children.

We appreciate all efforts that aim to protect the school and the Bedouin communities; these efforts will help us face all Israeli displacement policies that  aim to expand settlements and isolate Jerusalem city from its surroundings and separate the north of the West Bank from the south which will kill the Palestinian dream of establishing the Palestinian state.

We ask all institutions, and especially national institutions, to work with us in order to keep this school open as a basic right for all populations under occupation. This is also crucial to keeping the Palestinian territory as a geographic unit according to the national decisions that ensures the Palestinian right to establish their country on the occupied land in 1967. Unfortunately,  we see that the Israeli policies are denying all rights of the Palestinian people , and are forbidding Palestinians from using their land according to national and international rules and laws

We see that the silence of the national society can be considered a part of this, for not applying all national rules and laws that give the Palestinian people their rights

We urge local and international institutions to stand with us to protect this school and all Bedouin communities

With thanks

Eid Khamees Jahalin

Mohammad Sulaiman Kurshan

Sulaiman Ali A’ra’r

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