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A Settler Farm Sows Fear Among Palestinian Shepherds, With Help From the Israeli Army

Ahmed Najadeh with family members and part of the Auja flock this week Credit: Emil Salman

Thirteen years ago Omer Atidiah situated his private farm on Palestinian land north of Jericho; since then his name has terrorized the area

Amira Hass Sep 02, 2017 2:04 AM

The voice that answered the phone sounded very pleasant. Omer Atidiah listened to my request to meet and talk with him and politely responded that he’d rather not. A tour of his farm, Einot Kedem? With pleasure, but only a personal tour, not an interview for publication.

He isn’t a media consumer, he stressed, but he suspects the media distorts what people say. He didn’t recognize my name, but said he appreciated my frankness when I told him he shouldn’t be where he is, and that his words would be reported accurately nonetheless.

Amid all this, Atidiah nevertheless answered some questions over the phone about lands belonging to the village of Auja, north of Jericho, where he established his private farm 13 years ago. We have no conflict with the area’s Bedouin shepherds, he said. On the contrary. We came to make the area more fertile, and to have good neighborly relations with everyone……


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