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Israel set to demolish EU-funded renewables projects

February 2012

“Six EU-funded wind and solar energy projects which provide electricity for 600 West Bank Palestinians have been put on a ‘demolition list’ by Israel,

allegedly in response to an EU heads of mission report which called for laws to prevent the financing of settlements.

A Palestinian stands by a solar panel in Imneizil, in the South Hebron hills


The EU Representative in Jerusalem John Gatt-Ruter sent EurActiv a statement, saying: “The EU is following closely the developments in Area C which makes up about 60% of the West Bank area. We have expressed several times our regret

over the demolitions of houses and structures there. Representatives of the EU and the member states visited many locations in area C and we are in direct contact with the local communities. As an EU, we are calling on Israel to review its policy and

planning system in order to allow for the socio-economic development of the Palestinian communities.” […]

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