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Article on Makhad Trust Journeys to the Sinai desert

January 2012

The remarkable Makhad Trust runs regular journeys to the magical Sinai desert, donating over 60% of their profits to benefit the local Bedouin. This year the journeys will be led by Anglican priest Peter Owen Jones, who made Extreme Pilgrim for the BBC, and supported by nutritional therapist and journey leader Helen Cranston. Designed to give people the opportunity to connect with their spiritual self whatever their religion or beliefs, the journeys follow in the footsteps of wandering hermits and religious figures, and draw on the thoughts of poets and writers such as Rumi, Tagore, Eckart Tolle and Mary Oliver. You’ll eat light, nourishing meals around camp fires, sleep out under the star-lit night sky, camel trek across the desert, experience a Bedouin herbal wash and have the chance do undertake an optional solitary retreat half way through.


The orange-pink rock stands out against the blue of the sky in the dramatic Sinai desert Photo © Queen of Retreats


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