Tuesday , October 26 2021

Calling British MPs to act urgently and save Palestinian village and school from demolition

In May, the Israeli High Court ruled against the Palestinian Bedouin community of Al Khan al Ahmar and all Bedouin refugees living in Area C. The Bedouin school and village may be demolished at any time. Pressure by the British government on Israel has often been known to help prevent forced displacement of Palestinians. The Jahalin are now asking British citizens to help by urging their MPs to demand immediate action by the UK Government. Act now to demand your MP’s involvement. Act now through Do-Gooder:


The Israeli High Court rejected the final appeal of the Palestinian Bedouin refugee community of Al Khan al Ahmar, so their school may be demolished at any time, followed by the rest of the village and anywhere else in Area C of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where Bedouin refugees cannot get building permits from the Israeli army, because they are not land-owners.

Originally from Tel Arad in southern Israel, the residents of Al Khan al Ahmar were forcibly displaced in 1951. They resettled in the desert east of Jerusalem. In the 1990s, Israel began carrying out the community's second displacement, and designated their land for the expansion of the nearby settlements of Ma’ale Adumim and now for Kfar Adumim. Displacing the Bedouin makes the E-1 Development Plan possible, and will prevent Palestinians from having reasonable access to Jerusalem, a sovereign border with Jordan. The Bedouin population of Al Khan al Ahmar are gatekeepers of Jerusalem and guardians of the possibility for a two state solution.

Some 300,000 Palestinians reside in the 60% of the West Bank under full Israeli control. In recent years an alarming number has come under threat of forced displacement. Such actions are war crimes, crimes against humanity, and cultural genocide as a result of Israel’s illegal occupation policies.

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