Thursday , September 23 2021

Demolition of the school and homes of the Al Khan Al Ahmar community

The American brakes are off, annexation is in the air, and Israel is moving to displace the Palestinians who live in Area C. First up, on Sunday March 12: Demolition of the school and homes of the Al Khan Al Ahmar community.


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ALL OTHERS: Please share this post as widely as you can. Shining a light on their crisis is a vital way to strengthen the community’s ability to resist.


300,000 Palestinians live in Area C, the 60% of the West Bank under full Israeli control. This is also where the Israeli settlements are located, and most of the public land is earmarked for their expansion. Just weeks ago, the Israeli legislature authorized the government to confiscate even privately held Palestinian land for this purpose.

Israel has been working to displace this population for settlement expansion for two decades. Tens of thousands of homes, schools and places of prayer, their legal appeals exhausted, await the bulldozer. Until now, the pace of demolitions has been slow. The brakes — US monitoring and engagement — were on.

Now, the brakes are off. The message from Washington is clear: short of outright annexation, Israel has a free hand. At the same time, Netanyahu began using the demolition of Palestinian homes to mollify his right-wing base, still seething from the evacuation of Amona. The result was in full view during the brutal and deadly destruction of Umm el Hiran, and the very recent order to demolish an entire village, Al Khan al Ahmar, near Jerusalem. 

Their annexation expectations disappointed, voices in the Israeli government are demanding action: seizure of Area C, particularly in the central West Bank, is an effective way of preventing the future establishment of a Palestinian state and killing the two state solution.

These Palestinian communities present the point of weakest resistance. Shining a light on their crisis is a vital way to strengthen that resistance. This is where you can help. 

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