Tuesday , May 17 2022

EU Demarche March 2017

The above is the partial text of an EU Demarche issued in March by all 28 members states of the European Union, as delivered to the Israeli Foreign Ministry as a response to the Israeli military’s distribution of demolition orders on the entire village of Al Khan al Ahmar, as well as a petition for demolition of the car tyres school, filed by settlers from the illegal settlement neighbouring Al Khan al Ahmar:  Kfar Adumim.  It calls on the Israeli government, inter alia, to meet its obligations as occupying power vis-à-vis the Palestinian population in Area C, to completely stop demolitions and confiscations, and allow full access for humanitarian assistance.  The EU also urged Israel to accelerate approvals of Palestinian master plans, to halt forced transfers of population and demolitions of Palestinian housing and infrastructure, to simplify administrative procedures to obtain building permits, to ensure access to water, and address humanitarian needs.


Inasmuch as the Israeli military today (13.9.17) arrived at Al Khan al Ahmar in order to instruct the Bedouin living there that the State’s plans for them are forcible relocation to Jabal West, this EU demarche is obviously of minimal persuasion to Israel, being “only words.”  Trump in the White House bears much responsibility for this current deterioration, which is expected to be made worse by the High Court hearing and judgment of 25th September.


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