Sunday , October 24 2021

Fact Sheet as to the Implications of the E-1 Development/Displacement Plan

1. The Ariel bloc cuts a similar wedge between north and centre West Bank as the Maale Adumim Bloc does between south and centre, so E-1 Development Plan is about the deliberate atomization of Palestine. Cantonisation. Ghettoisation. Bantustans. Reservations. Apartheid.
2. The E-1 plan uses up the last remaining open land that Palestinians need for natural expansion of East Jerusalem. Otherwise it’s choked (cf. Nazareth – same same).
3. It clears the only Palestinians from that whole region, judaising from East Jerusalem down to Jericho, emphasizing the nature of Greater Jerusalem as demographically Jewish – 88% Jewish demography, 80% of all settlers in Greater Jerusalem, which includes Gush Etzion, Givat Zeev and Maale Adumim municipalities together with the Jerusalem Municipality.
4. By closing off the only remaining open land access to Jerusalem for Palestinian West Bankers (the south having been closed off by Har Homa, Givat HaMatos, Gilo, Har Gilo, the Wall, settler-only roads and the checkpoint, and the north ditto by Qalandia, the Wall and the northern blocs of settlements – Pisgat Zeev, Neve Yaakov, Psagot, Tel Zion and settler by-pass roads) the E-1 plan denies Palestine access to its economic salient Ramallah-East Jerusalem-Bethlehem which (according to the NSU) represents 40% of the Palestinian economy, due to tourism revenues.
5. By changing the road systems in that whole region, there will be no viable commercial connection between economic centres such as Hebron and Ramallah, because they will not even have Wadi Nar and the Hizme road up to Ramallah (or as previously directly via East Jerusalem) but will have to go by a new road east of Maale Adumim to Jericho and from there up uncommercial, steep mountain roads.
6. It will further limit traditional access to the seven specialist hospitals, university campus, religious sites and cultural facilities of the Old City and East Jerusalem.
7. Finally, the plan will mean the end of Bedouin traditional culture in that whole region, echoing the Jabal displacement. So it is a denial of that indigenous culture, even as to Bedouin who bought land they live on (e.g. Az-Zayyem) in the 1970s.

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