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In West Bank areas under Israel's control, illegal homes are usually Palestinian- Ha'aretz

UN report shows that, in contrast to the tight restrictions placed on Palestinian construction in Area C, the Civil Administration’s regulations allow settlements to proliferate.

May 2012

While the government and Knesset search for ways to legalize illegal construction in the settlements, the Civil Administration has stepped up its enforcement activities against illegal construction in Palestinian villages in Area C, which is under Israeli civil and security control.

While the settler population number over 300,000 – more than double the number of Palestinians living in the same area – the number of cases opened against settlers for unlicensed construction over the past year is less than a third the number of cases opened during the same period against Palestinians.

According to a map of illegal construction attained by Dror Etkes, who has been tracking the growth of West Bank settlements for years, there are 19,266 cases of unlicensed construction – only 5,992 (31%) of them against settlers. The number is 238 higher than last year.

According to data compiled by Brig. Gen. (Res.) Baruch Shpigel for Defense Minister Ehud Barak in 2007, based on official data from the Civil Administration, unlicensed construction and building on Palestinian-owned land is in almost every settlement. Most of the settlement of Ofra is built on Palestinian land.

In recent months, the Civil Administration has intensified demolitions of unlicensed Palestinian buildings in the Hebron Hills area, and an increase in the number of demolition orders and stop-work orders pending against them, including a demolition order for a school and a seizure order for a van used to transport teachers.


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Full article here: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/in-west-bank-areas-under-israel-s-control-illegal-homes-are-usually-palestinian.premium-1.432771

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