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ISM Report- December 2011

Khan Al-Ahmar: Forced expulsion of Bedouins from Area C

“From the 1970′s until today, the Israelis used to demolish our tents and houses but not to deport us”  says Abu Hamis, a member of the Jahalin Bedouin tribe . “We used to rebuild our places but the new policy which they are adopting is that they want to not only demolish the houses, but to deport us from the area.”

The 22 Bedouin families (160 inhabitants) of Khan Al-Ahmar have  homes that are mostly shacks made from corrugated iron and wood, with metal fences holding livestock – the primary source of income for the village.  The village had 1500 goats for over 10 years, but now they have 150.  They have a single camel, when they once had thirty.  The inhabitants are no longer allowed to work in the Israeli settlements as they once did.  Two electricity lines pass nearby, but the village is not allowed to connect to these networks, so they have to use small diesel-powered generators.  Unlike many of the Bedouin communities in the area, who have to import water in highly expensive containers, the village does have some running water.

The village’s existence is in stark contrast to Ma’ale Adumim which has swimming pools, libraries, a transport system, health facilities, shopping malls and subsidized water and electricity.

Demolition orders have been issued by the Israeli authorities for all of Khan Al-Ahmar’s structures, including the village’s school which serves five Bedouin communities in the area with 85 students.

Abu Hamis said that, “The most basic need for any human being is to have an education…after we built the school I invited the council of Ma’ale Adumim to the school in order to create some kind of cooperation between us and they came here and they showed us they are very happy that we have a school now.  Three days later we received a demolition order and the excuse was that it’s a ‘danger for the settlement’.” […]

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