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Israel plans to move West Bank Bedouin- The National

Israel plans to move West Bank Bedouin

June 2012

Khan Al Ahmar, West Bank // Until last October, the Bedouin of the West Bank seldom drew any notice.

Travellers on the busy four-lane highway that tumbles from the heights of Jerusalem, east to the Dead Sea, might have noticed through car windows the dilapidated Bedouin encampments of metal and plastic sheeting that dot the steep, usually bone-dry hills. Most, however, paid no attention at all.

Eight months ago, the roar of an Israeli armoured bulldozer signalled an end to Bedouin anonymity.

The tractor razed five homes at the edge of Khan Al Ahmar, one of 20 West Bank hamlets inhabited by Bedouin of the Jahalin clan.

The demolition of non-Jewish property in the West Bank by Israeli authorities is hardly unprecedented but the Bedouin fear that the destruction of homes at Khan Al Ahmar is a prelude to a broader, more systematic bid to uproot them from their homes.

No longer so invisible, the 30,000 Bedouin of the West Bank have become a key variable in Israel’s geopolitical calculus. […]”

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