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Since January, Israel has accelerated displacement of the 300,000 Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank. First up: The Jahalin Bedouin refugees, living near Jerusalem since the ‘50s. Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s envoy, has demonstrated a remarkable ability to listen. To general surprise, he has significantly slowed Israeli settlement construction. Let’s make some noise on the President’s web site (even if he doesn’t know how to read!) and get him to listen again –>…/jason-greenblatt-stop-di…

The issue is especially well illustrated in today’s Haaretz (, as to the recently delivered EU demarche, following signature in Brussels of a letter to HRVP Federica Mogherini by 91 MEPs (within 24 hours) calling on her to stop the demolitions at Al Khan al Ahmar, including the car tyres school.  However, Jahalin Solidarity maintains that words are STILL not enough – policy must change and pressure be exerted by the USA and EU to achieve that policy change, and stop the creeping annexation and settlement expansion.  And the war crime of forcible displacement that is intending to prevent viability of a future Palestine or peace between Israel and Palestine, even though the majority of both peoples still favour peace and two states.

Al Khan al Ahmar’s community spokesperson, Eid abu Khamis says today:

“The community thanks and appreciates the support of the EU ambassador Mr Lars Faaborg Andersen, and all EU member states’ ambassadors, as presented in the recent meeting with the director general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. The community hopes that the EU’s demarche statement about the illegality of the demolition orders to most of the village residential structures, and to the local school, will help to prevent the planned demolitions and our forcible transfer.”

“On behalf of the community I would like to remind all parties involved that we Al Khan Al Ahmar Bedouins have been forced to live in inhumane conditions for many years, and still cannot fix even our shacks when they fall apart.  Nor can we build new structures for the younger generation (who are being forced into Areas A and B – which the State of Israel has even recommended in its submissions to the High Court), nor connect to electricity or have access to public transportation or the road system.  We have to fund our own legal protection and legal protection of the school from our very limited resources, in denial of our human rights.”

“Living under these conditions is weakening us and affecting our struggle against displacement. Statements against demolition are not enough!”

“We would like to encourage both the USA Administration and the EU to get agreement from Israel for us to replace our shacks in Al Khan al Ahmar with more liveable residences, to allow building for our younger generation and for us to connect to infrastructure, like any other human beings.”

“Our lawyer, Adv. Shlomo Lecker (working successfully to prevent our displacement and that of many other Bedouin refugee communities in the Jerusalem Periphery for the past 20 years, including working most of 2016 pro bono without payment…) told us he will be very relieved if all of our communities will no longer need his constant legal protection against violations of IHL.  We shall be extremely relieved if we no longer need to sell our few remaining animals for his upcoming High Court legal fees, and if we feel the active support of people on our side, and not just words…”

Jahalin Solidarity therefore calls on all supporters of human rights, peace and a democratic future to sign the Petition at the White House website so that a strong message is sent to both President Donald Trump and Adv. Jason Greenblatt, his peace envoy, saying that the facts on the ground must change.  Real estate and settlement expansion are one thing.  Human lives and humanitarian suffering caused by the real estate development are quite another!!


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