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Last Shepherds of the Valley- Video by Al Jazeera

August 2012

Palestinian Bedouins in the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley struggle to cling on to an age-old way of life.

Stretching from Mozambique in southeast Africa to Syria in the Middle East, the Great Rift Valley is home to the world’s lowest city, Jericho, which was established over 10,000 years ago. Farmers and shepherds have tended flocks and lived off the land in the Jordan Valley for thousands of years.

But Israel’s continued occupation of the region since 1967 is threatening the traditional way of life, restricting Palestinian development on the land, and Bedouin homes in the area have repeatedly been razed. Some 56,000 Palestinians live in the part of the valley that lies in the West Bank – many are Bedouin living in temporary communities, always moving with the herds. Their determination to remain on the land is becoming ever more difficult in the face of daily attempts by the Israeli military and settlers to drive them off their land.


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