Sunday , November 28 2021
Members of the Jahalin tribe at Wadi al-Qatif, Mar. 2014. Photo by Neal Badache.

Meet the People in Nowhere Left to Go

Mohammed al-Korshan. By Giuliano Camarda/Redux.

Mohammed Korshan, Abu Suleiman is spokesman for the community of Jahalin in Anata, Dahiyat el Salaam, where he has established a kindergarten for the community and a CBO which provides work for women of the area, making handicrafts and jewellery. Abu Suleiman works for the Israeli water authority, Mekorot, and is also university educated.


Abu YussufAbu Yussuf is mukhtar for the community of Wadi abu Hindi, where there is a school serving elementary school children that has been twice demolished by the IDF. He spends time up north, near Jenin, with his flocks, since there is not enough land available in the Wadi abu Hindi area for pasture. He is a member of the Bedouin Protection Committee and also the Bedouin Committee.

Hajja Salha
Hajja Salha is a widow, mother of Ibrahim, Nasr, and three other sons. Supporting the family, she travels a few times every week to Bethlehem (a 2-hour journey of 35 kms) in order to sell the cheese and other dairy products that she makes.



Suleiman Mazarah on the Jabel works for UNRWA. He and his cousin, Eid abu Ghalia (who serves on the local Bedouin Committee on the Jabel), are both amongst those who were forcibly displaced in 1997 onwards when they were moved off the lands now occupied by Israeli settlers in Maale Adumim, and placed on a tract of land next to the main Jerusalem Municipal Landfill.

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