Thursday , September 23 2021
Palestinian solar panels confiscated by Israel in West Bank village of Jubbet Adh-Dhib, June 2017.Credit: Comet-ME

Opinion Condemnations of Israeli Occupation Arent Enough

Europeans, your denunciations are seen by Israel as lacking urgency. You must implement painful sanctions

Holland, Belgium and France: Its not enough to condemn with just words the Israeli policy of destruction, which damages equipment and buildings funded with your taxpayers money. Its good that you are angry, but the pace of the accumulation of your anger lags far behind the galloping and dangerous pace of the bulldozers of the Civil Administration in the West Bank and the Settlements Defense Forces.

The condemnations are seen as lacking urgency. You must take real actions. Yes, open and declared sanctions that have a path to becoming more severe. Painful sanctions. This may be the last chance to remove the average Israeli, including business people, tourists, judges, scholars, farmers and foreign soccer consumers from their indifference and criminal complacency…..

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