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(Right to left) Eid abu Khamis, Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Anna Wester (of Palestine Solidarity Sweden), our translator and Dr. Alice Panepinto outside the Swedish Parliament after briefing members of the Foreign Affairs Committee.



Godfrey-Goldstein and Eid abu Khamis in Hamar, Norway with Norwegian activists of The Palestine Solidarity Committee Hedmark, including Bernt Wold (left in red), and our host: Dagfinn Nyborg.


(Left to right): Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, co-director of Jahalin Solidarity, Cynthia Cook of the US Consulate and Eid abu Khamis of Al Khan al Ahmar who briefed the consulate political officer about the threats faced by the school and village.


(left to right): Eid abu Khamis, Angela Godfrey-Goldstein and Kathrine Jensen of Norwegian Palestine Solidarity outside the Norwegian Foreign Ministry in Oslo, October 2017


British Members of Parliament (Shadow Cabinet members) from the Labour Party: Emily Thornberry (Shadow Foreign Secretary), Andy Slaughter (Shadow Minister for Housing, Fabian Hamilton (Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament), together with Jahalin Solidarity’s co-director Angela Godfrey-Goldstein and Martin Linton (ex-MP and director of Travel2Palestine and Labour2Palestine), plus a group including Paul Blomfield MP and Linda McAvon MEP, outside the UN after an OCHA briefing.


Jahalin Solidarity’s Godfrey-Goldstein guiding a Labour2Palestine group to Al Khan al Ahmar: included in the group were Labour MP Paul Blomfield, MEP Linda McAvan and members of the Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Friends of Palestine.


Jahalin Solidarity on tour in Sweden, at Gothenborg, meeting with Swedish activists. In the photo (centre) Dr. Alice Panepinto of Queens Belfast, who was with Jahalin Solidarity’s co-director Godfrey-Goldstein and Eid abu Khamis of Al Khan al Ahmar for the week in Sweden on tour in Gothenborg, Uppsala and Stockholm.


Eid abu Khamis (centre) together with Dr. Alice Panepinto (3rd from right) and Godfrey-Goldstein (left) outside a meeting held in Stockholm, October 2017


A letter responding to MP Geoffrey Robinson’s questions about Al Khan al Ahmar, from Minister Tobias Ellwood, following a meeting with the minister between Eid abu Khamis Jahalin, Dr. Alice Panepinto (of Queens Belfast), Chris Gunness (UNRWA) and Angela Godfrey-Goldstein of Jahalin Solidarity.


A letter (authored by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein of Jahalin Solidarity) signed by a cross-party group of 26 British members of Parliament, addressed to Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt.


Response from Minister Alistair Burt to MP Richard Burden (Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group) , as to the September 2017 letter.


A letter from MP Richard Burden, co-signed by a group of MPs to the UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, with follow-up questions (of Jahalin Solidarity and CAABU) as to compensation for demolished humanitarian structures provided to the Jahalin in Jerusalem Periphery.


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