Tuesday , May 17 2022


Jahalin Solidarity represents an initiative of Palestinian and Israeli civil society, dedicated to protecting all the rights of the Jahalin Bedouin facing forced eviction by the IDF; the most marginalised of all Palestinian communities. They invoke their right of return to their own lands in the Negev, while struggling to stay where they have lived as refugees for the past 70 years in Jerusalem periphery.  This tour is part of their advocacy outreach to visitors to help them in their campaign for full civil rights, and in the wider campaign to end the Israeli Occupation and work towards a just solution to the conflict that will deliver an enduring and viable peace, especially as to Jerusalem as a shared capital.

Our political tour is an essential part of our advocacy to visitors to the Jahalin communities and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These facts on the ground field trips focus on E-1/Jerusalem periphery as conducted by staff members Angela Godfrey and Fakhri abu Diab (who advocates on this issue to all Arabic media on a daily basis).

Jahalin Solidarity hosts hundreds of critical, alternative tourists from around the world throughout the year, as well as diplomats, politicians, NGO workers, human rights defenders or journalists in field trips or interviews.

  • For more information about this issue of forced displacement, including the films HIGH HOPES and NOWHERE LEFT TO GO, visit: jahalin.org
  • The main tour to Bedouin in the Jerusalem Periphery is detailed on the right; however, tours may also be booked to Bedouin communities in the Negev/Naqab Desert, where local spokesmen and spokeswomen will advocate their very similar situation.

Objective of the visit                  

  • Insight and information about Israeli and Palestinian political history and the conflict
  • Overview about Palestinian life in Jerusalem
  • Knowledge about the situation in East Jerusalem, discrimination as to Palestinians, and mainstream thinking in Israeli society
  • Understanding of displacement issues, especially Israeli policies as to future viability of Palestine with the E-1 Development Displacement Plan being central to that understanding.

Visit frame

  • Tour: Guided by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein (Founder: Jahalin Solidarity)
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Stops: The tour starts in West Jerusalem (or where most convenient), crosses to East Jerusalem (Sheikh Jarrah), then via E-1, just outside Jerusalem, to Ma’ale Adumim settlement city, including a trip on a settler-only highway (to Qedar settlement) overlooking a Bedouin camp facing forced displacement – Wadi abu Hindi – due to plans to join Ma’ale Adumim with Qedar.  After stopping in Ma’ale Adumim to explain maps, with an overview to East Jerusalem and the E-1 area, the tour goes via Mishur Adumim Industrial Zone (a settlement industrial estate), to a nearby Jahalin Bedouin camp and school, currently threatened with demolition.  A light Bedouin meal (NIS40 p.p) can be ordered in advance.
  • Costs: $170 per group