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Protection of Civilians Weekly Report 4-10 JANUARY 2012

“Access to Khan al Ahmar blocked
This week, the Israeli authorities closed the main
entrance of the herding community of Khan al Ahmar
in the Jerusalem area, by installing roadblocks and
side rails along Road #1. This closure not only
blocks the access of Khan al Ahmar residents to the
main road, it impedes the movement of students
and teachers attending the only school in the area,
which serves 48 children from Khan al Ahmar and
other nearby communities. The only entrance to the
community is now through an unpaved, dirt road.
Khan al Ahmar is among 20 Bedouin communities
in the Jerusalem periphery at risk of displacement
due to outstanding demolition orders and other
difficult conditions stemming from policies and
practices of the Israeli authorities in Area C (e.g.
movement and access restrictions, settlement
and settler activity). It is one of the communities
at risk of being forcibly transferred from the area
by the Israeli authorities in the context of plans to
“re-locate” Area C communities without master
plans. Much of the affected area is planned for the
expansion of the Ma’ale Adummim settlement (the
so-called E-1 plan).”

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