Tuesday , September 21 2021

Sadu weaving in Kuwait .. genuine reflection of desert life

By Shaima Al-Ruwaished

A bedouin woman spinning the wool
A bedouin woman spinning the wool

KUWAIT, Nov 7 (KUNA) — Sadu weaving is one of the traditional handicrafts that were popular among women who used to live in the desert in the past, a genuine reflection of their surrounding environment.

“Sadu weaving is one the ancient handicrafts in which the bedouin woman excelled, and it is a handicraft that requires physical efforts and high concentration,” said Faisal Al-Zaabout, a specialist in heritage.

Sadu weaving, he said in a statement to KUNA, was a long process that started with shearing sheep wool at end of the Spring season.

“Shearing is preferably done while sheep is alive,” he added.

The second step, he explained, was cleaning the wool.

“The wool is then transformed into ball-like threads and then dyed with natural colors and placed in a big bowl of hot water. The last phase is weaving during which the threads are connected with each other to have a final product,” he said.

Al-Zaabout said bedouin woman was decorating the sadu with shapes from her environment, like camels, horses and trees, and using vivid colors like red and orange.

One of the most important sadu products was a tent made from wool, he said, and it was protecting bedouins from scorching summer and harsh winter.

Other products, he added, were bags to store rice, decorations for the camels or ropes to tie the camels’ legs. (end) sr.bs

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