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Al Jazeera- A dynamic year of indigenous communication

October 2012 Indigenous media is a tool for self-determination, emancipation and revival of dying languages. “[…] Indigenous film is taking off worldwide. In Norway, the International Sami Film Centre launched the Indigenous Film Circle and its Film Fellowship, promoting indigenous storytelling through film. Throughout Latin America, indigenous cinema is garnering …

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Israel threatens to demolish 'illegal' Bedouin school- RT

September 2012 Israel has threatened to demolish a Bedouin encampment in the West Bank that contains a school, claiming that the community was built without appropriate permits and was hindering the development of new Israeli settlements. The Khan Al-Ahmar elementary school was built in 2009 with the help of local …

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Israel threatens to demolish Bedouin school- Beaumont

September 2012 KHAN AL-AHMAR, West Bank (AP) — Dozens of children returned to school on Sunday, taking part in an annual ritual that has taken on special meaning in this Bedouin tent camp. The makeshift school buildings, cobbled together from mud and old tires, were built over the objections of Israeli authorities …

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Occupation from within: the Arab Bedouin in Israel- New Statesman

At the beginning of this year the Israeli government announced a that will displace more than 70 000 Arab Bedouin from their ancestral lands   August 2012 The Negev desert is a good place to bury dogs. The dog cemetery of Tsan Yatir provides a final resting place for beloved …

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Environmental hazards threaten Jahalin- American Charities for Palestine

Environmental hazards threaten  the health and livelihoods of uprooted Jahalin Bedouins   August 2012 The Abu Dis garbage dump, near the Palestinian town of Abu Dis situated east of Jerusalem, poses an ongoing health hazard to Bedouin communities living nearby. The good news is that initial plans to “forcibly relocate some 2,300 Bedouin living …

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Forced relocations from the West Bank fit decades-old plan- The National

August 2012 “South Africa has decided that anything produced in the West Bank must be labelled as coming from the Occupied Palestinian Territories, rather than Israel, as the labels now read. The ruling suggests that the global movement known as “Boycott Divestment and Sanctions” is picking up speed. But Israel …

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Tough Bedouin life wins teen a fairy tale award- Times Of Malta

Girl is inspired by her harsh reality and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi  *Story by AFP* August 2012 It was the trauma of seeing Israeli troops raze homes in the Bedouin community where she lives that inspired 14-year-old Salha Hamadin to write an award-winning fairy tale. Earlier this year, Salha, who …

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Article in De Wereld Morgen.Be (Dutch)

Bedoeïenen in Palestina: bezetting door Israël leidt tot einde van een leefwijze August 2012 In juli 2012 trok Palestina Solidariteit opnieuw met een groep nieuwsgierigen richting Westelijke Jordaanoever op inleefreis. Ook de Jahalin Bedoeïenen kregen een bezoek. Dit is een minderheid van nomaden die in het conflict vaak wordt vergeten …

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