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Demolished, Rebuilt and Razed Again: A Bedouin Community Left Without Shelter

Razi Basharat, the son of mukhtar Abdel Rahim Basharat, in Al Hadidya. It’s not clear why the EU has been silent about the confiscation of the tents, 10 Dec. 2015. Photo by Alex Levac.

By Gideon Levy and Alex Levac Originally published in Haaretz – December 11, 2015 [Photo by Alex Levac] Dozens of pigeons, white and gray, now flock together on a small tin roof, pressed up against one another, as though protecting each other. They survived by flying off before the demolition, but their chicks were …

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Water torture- Ha'aretz

IDF confiscates water containers from Palestinians and Bedouins in Jordan Valley. July 2012 “Avi is an inspection coordinator for the “Civil Administration” – the occupation regime, to speak without euphemisms. Presumably Avi likes his job. Maybe he’s even proud of it.He doesn’t bother mentioning his last name in the forms …

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Pack up your homes, people, the IDF needs to hold a drill- Ha'aretz

When the army needs to hold drills with live fire, the Bedouin of the Jordan Valley have to vacate their tent encampments. July 2012 “Amjed Zahweh is 10 days old. Last week, Civil Administration inspectors demolished his family’s tent in the Jordan Valley. Now he’s lying in his iron crib, …

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