Tuesday , May 17 2022

UK parliamentary debate about Area C- transcript

Mr Frank Doran (Aberdeen North) (Lab):

I am grateful for the opportunityto speak on the important issue of Area C in Palestine. Following the Osloagreement in 1995, the occupied Palestinian territories were divided into threeareas: Area A, about 18% of the west bank, contains most of the mainPalestinian settlements and is under full Palestinian civil and security control;Area B, roughly 22% of the west bank, is under Palestinian civil control andIsraeli security control; and Area C, on which I want to concentrate, makes upthe other 60% of the west bank and is under complete Israeli civil and securitycontrol. The Oslo agreement as concerned with the west bank was intended to beinterim and to last for only five years. The lands should have been handed overgradually to Palestinian control, but that has never happened.

Settlers consume between six and 10 times more per head than theirPalestinian counterparts. Many settlers have swimming pools and are able toirrigate their farmland. By contrast, 190,000 Palestinians live in 134 villageswithout running water. Palestinian consumption in the occupied territories isabout 70 litres per day, well below the 100 litres recommended by the WorldHealth Organisation. In some rural communities, people survive on 20 litres perday, and many Palestinians are forced to buy water of dubious quality frommobile water tanks at high prices. Wells and systems built without permits arefrequently destroyed by the Israeli army.

Demolition orders are in place, and actual demolition has occurred, all overArea C. On a recent trip, we visited two Bedouin communities. The first wasKahn al-Ahmar. The residents are a Bedouin community who are refugees fromthe Negev. The area in which they live could not be described as remote. Theylive cheek by jowl with a main highway, and there is a substantial settlementon the other side of the road. However, the actions of the ICA have led to thecommunity being isolated in practical terms.


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