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Visiting EU, Netanyahu Will Be ‘Billed’ 1M Euros for Razed West Bank Projects

The European Parliament members' protest poster, which urges Netanyahu to 'pay the bill' for the demolition of EU-funded projects in the West Bank. Credit:

Netta Ahituv Dec 07, 2017 9:26 AM

Next Monday, December 11, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will pay what is being called an “unofficial visit” to the European Parliament. The visit to Brussels will include a breakfast, which is also classified as unofficial. On top of this, Netanyahu can also expect an unofficial reception: A group of European Parliament members have prepared posters welcoming the prime minister upon his arrival in Europe (“Dear Bibi, Welcome to Europe”), but they also want to ensure that he doesn’t forget to pay a certain invoice before he leaves the continent.

The bill, according to the dozens of EP members who have signed a petition accompanying the posters (and are planning to take out a full-page ad in Haaretz), amounts to 1.2 million euros. That’s how much Israel ostensibly owes the European Union for humanitarian projects the EU built for the Palestinians and which Israel demolished. The projects, all in Area C in the West Bank (that is, under full Israeli civilian and security control), were razed by the Israel Defense Forces by order of the government. Among them were dwellings for homeless Bedouin, structures used for schools and kindergartens, and various infrastructural projects such as water pipes, cisterns and electrical power systems.

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