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Dear friends:

Many of you have been following the saga of threatened demolition of the iconic “car tyres” school and Bedouin refugee village at Al Khan al Ahmar last year, and have signed up for our newsletter.

So you know of the Bedouin as “gatekeepers of Jerusalem and guardians of the two state solution” whose non-violent resistance on E-1 lands keeps East Jerusalem on the table as Palestine’s capital. Our advocacy is part of the reason they’re still there, so that a small spark of hope remains alive. Despite Trump and the danger of his soon-to-be-released “deal of the century”!

We’ve had many successes, including last year’s advocacy to prevent demolition. In the UK Parliament, 109 MPs have so far signed Early Day Motion 1169, which we initiated, while other parliaments and even the International Criminal Court have also responded to the campaign, with Jahalin Solidarity co-ordination at its heart.

But despite the successes we are now at a crisis point.

The situation for the Bedouin is deteriorating fast; PM Netanyahu and other right-wing politicians such as Lieberman and Smotrich, future ministers in the incoming far-right government, repeatedly call for demolition – a war crime if it takes place.

For us to continue, we need to ask our friends around the world for donations. We are a lean organisation, with a superb track record of cost effectiveness and transparency, surviving on goodwill, good spirit, good hearts and good people. But that can’t keep us going – and we’d dearly like to develop our capacity to do even more, including with additional staff.

We want the Bedouin to have a future – we know you do too. We want Israel to have a future – as do you. And, in fighting the Israeli occupation and its policies, we want a future for Palestine and the Palestinian people, with Jerusalem as a shared capital. Please consider a small gift to Jahalin Solidarity before the end of the year.

In solidarity, and gratitude.

Angela, Fakhri & Camille